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Enrolling hand machine

The recruitment principle is that the company recruiters adhere to the principle of "openness, equality, competition and merit".
We always carry out the people-oriented concept of value and advocate "being honest and practical."
Enterprise value and personal value complement each other and integrate each other, and constantly realize the maximization of staff value and enterprise value.

Due to the needs of business development, we need to hire the following staff:

Sponge machineryInstallation master    20
Release date:2014-06-1      Recruits: incumbency
The way of work: full time       Working place: Dongguan
Number of recruits:20        Monthly salary: Discussion
Minimum working years: Unlimited      Age requirements: 18 years of age
Educational requirements: Unlimited      Industry requirements:Machinery industry

Specific requirements:
1. familiar with the welding process;
2. can install and debug according to drawing, sponge machinery manufacturing experience is preferred.

Multiple universal workers
1. holding my ID card or (temporary identity card);
2. age: 16-45 years old;
3. sex: not limited to men and women;
4. Physical health, non communicable diseases


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