Rubber Cutting Machinery Series

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Strong Rubber Cork Rotary Cutting Machine

This machine is mainly used to cut the elastic rubber floor, rubber coil and non-slip rubber bathroom mat, cork and other products. The machine adopts servo system, automatic digital control cutting thickness, cutting precision, simple operation, high production efficiency.

Rubber Trimming Cutting and Rewinding Machine

This machine is mainly used for trimming all kinds of coils, followed by rewinding work, and cutting work after confirming the number of codes. At the same time, it can be matched with our ULYQ-1650D strong rubber cork rotary cutting machine to cut products, trimming, cutting, winding and other work.

Strong Coil-Counting Machine

   This machine is mainly used for counting coils after they are cut.

Powerful Rubber Molding Machine

This machine is a press cutting machine, mainly elastic rubber, rubber coil, sponge and other products into waves. Suitable for rubber floor MATS, electronics, precision instruments, car cushions, mattresses, health products and valuables packaging purposes.