Automotive PU Ceiling Special Cutting Series

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Polyurethane Rigid Foam Plus Large Straight Cutting Machine (High Precision)

This machine is mainly used for vertical slicing and trimming of polyurethane rigid foam (automotive PU ceiling and automotive engine heat insulation panel); At the same time, the machine can process sponge, various paper, EVA, pearl cotton work, the first use of linear guide rail for baffle moving guidance, more accurate positioning, better cutting effect.

Automotive PU Ceiling Special Flat Cutting Machine (With Suction)

This machine is mainly used for the horizontal reciprocating slicing of a single polyurethane rigid foam (automobile PU ceiling and automobile engine heat insulation and sound insulation board). The machine adopts advanced electronic control system and high-precision cutting mechanism, and can be optional to install strong suction device, the foam is fixed more firmly and the cutting effect is better. This machine can also cut ultra-high density shoe sponge and polyester sponge.