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ULYP-6000/7280/10500  Carrousel Splitting Foam Cutting Machine



This foam machine is mostly used for many quadrate foam continuously flatly slicing.This machine is fully automatic controled operation and teh cutting is accurate,the operation is simple and the production efficiency is very high.This machie chooses with vacuum equipments,the foam rubberfixed more firmly,the effect of cutting is better.The humane designing can make it safter to the worker .This machine can choosing two blades for the better effect of cutting soft sponge.

Model ULYP-6000 ULYP-7280 ULYP-10500
1.Cutting foam size W1.5*L2*H1.2m(4pcs) W1.5*L2*H1.2m(6pcs) W1.5*L2*H1.2m(8pcs)
2.Cutting foam size max W1.5*L2*H1.2m(4pcs) W2.15*L3*H1.2m(3pcs) W2.15*L4.5*H1.2m(3pcs)
3.Total power 8.92Kw 8.92Kw 11.92Kw
4.Worktable turning speed 0-3.5r/min 0-3.0/min 0-2.0/min
5.Blade length 8940mm 10000mm 10240mm
6.Worktable dia.(Ø) 6000mm 7280mm 10500mm
7.Cutting thickness 2-150mm 2-150mm 2-150mm
8.Machine weight 3300Kg 3500Kg 4500Kg
9.Machine external size L6.9*W6*H2.4m L7.9*W7*H2.4m L11.5*W11*H2.4m


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