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ULPQ-Ⅲ-1650/2150 Horizontal Re-bonding Foam Cutting Machine



This foam machine is mostly used for the reciprocating action for flatly slicing of rebonded foamand high density quadrate foam .Fully automatism number controlled.Its operation is simple and cutting is exact.

Main Technical Specification


Model ULPQ-III-1650 ULPQ-III-2150
1.Cutting foam size W1650*L2000mm W2150*L3000mm
2.Cutting height H1200mm H1200mm
3.Cutting thickness 2-60mm 2-60mm
4.Cutting density(max) 120Kg/m3 120Kg/m3
5.Cutting speed 0-25m/min 0-25m/min
6.Total power 8.92Kw 8.92Kw
7.Blade length 7200mm 8200mm
8.Blade length 2000Kg 2500Kg
9.Machine external size L5800xW3700xH2400mm L6800xW4200xH2400mm


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