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ULQD-2380  Top Foam Cutting Machine



This top foam cutting machine is used for cutting the top of foam or middle of foam while foaming, improve the heat dissipation speed to prevent the color of foam to change to be yellow.It is the absolutely necessarily machine for the factory which make foam for underwear.

Main Technical Specification as below :



1.Cutting foam width 

 2400 mm

 5.Conveyer belt speed

 0~8 m/min

 2.Cutting foam height

 1300 mm

6.Total power

 5.1 Kw

 3.Blade frame up&down speed

 21 m/min

7.Machine weight

 1500 Kg

4.Blade length

 L8940 mm

8.Machine external size

 L1500*W4550*H3000 mm


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