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ULLQ-4LC Automatic Vertical Foam Cutting Machine(Single Side/Double Size Cutting)



This foam cutting machine adopts worktable moving for cutting,its carriage is fixed,the nubby foamis placed in the middle of baffles,it controls the cutting thickness automatic,the worktable reciprocate on slide way.This machine adopts thickness counter and coder to cutting thickness and speed,the cutting is exact,and it needs less labor but can make the production efficiency be higher.

Main Technical Specification


Model ULLQ-4LC(Middle) ULLQ-4LC(Big)
1.Inner worktable size W1320*L2290mm W1720*L2290mm
2.Outer worktable size W1200*L2290mm W2000*L2290mm
3.Available cutting size 800/1200mm 800/1200mm
4.Blade length 7320mm/8100mm 8100/8900mm
5.Baffle height 400/600mm 400/600mm
6.Cutting thickness scope 3- mm 3- mm
7.Baffle treading speed 0-10m/min 0-10m/min
8.Worktable moving speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
9.Total power 3.62Kw 3.62Kw
10.Machine external size max L4000*W4800*H2550mm L4500*W4800*H2550mm


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