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ULYQ-1900B Re-bonding Foam Peeling Machine


This foam machine is mostly used for round foam rubber into slice continuously long flaky cutting.It is also used for the cutting of carpet and high-density material of shoes.and if customers require or prefer,the machine can be equipped with additional computer controlling system to automatically set cutting thickness,wide off the transform of change gear which can change the cutting thickness.The operation is simpler and the cutting is more exact.

Main Technical Specification


1.Cutting size Ø2000*1900mm
2.Cutting  thickness 2-25mm
3.Total power 9.44Kw
4.Blade length L9600*W60*T0.8mm
5.Cutting density(max) 150Kg/ m3
6.Turning speed 25m-30m/min
7.Machine weight 2000Kg
8.Machine external size L4730*W1800*H2200mm


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