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ULPQ-XD-1250/1650  Horizotal Hard PU Cutting Machine



This PU Cutting Machine is mostly suitable for hard PU foam reciprocating cutting(air-condition and refrigeratory etc),it used particular double-faced enactment cutting techniques with sawteeth.Its operration is simple and the production efficiency is very high.It also fits a vacuum equipment,which can providing the factory a comfortable environment.

Model ULPQ-XD-1250 ULPQ-XD-1650
1.Cutting foam size W1250*L2000*H1200 mm W1650*L3000*H1200 mm
2.Moving worktable speed 0-15m/min 0-15m/min
3.Cutting thickness 5.0-150mm 5.0-150mm
4.Blade lenght(with sawteeth) L7700mm L8500mm
5.Total power 10.42Kw 10.42Kw
6.Machine weight 2000Kg 2200Kg
7.Machine external size L5800*W3500*H2400 mm L7800*W4200*H2400 mm



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