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ULBF-11/15B Vertical Foaming Machine (Manual Operation)


Foam packing machine

Manual foaming machines

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Product Description

This foam machine is the optimal choice to produce PU foam in small quantities. The operation is simple, the mixing is uniform. Adopt cylinder control fluctuation.

Main Technical Specification

Model ULBF-11B ULBF-15B
1.Total power 11Kw 15Kw
2.Foaming output max 150Kg 180Kg
3.Mixing speed max 0-2800r/min 0-2800r/min
4.Mixing weight 950Kg 1050Kg
5.Foaming-bucket 2PCS 2PCS
6.Machine external size L1380*W940*H3050mm L1380*W940*H3050mm


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