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The recruitment principle is that the company recruiters adhere to the principle of "openness, equality, competition, and selection of the best"!
We always implement the people-oriented value concept and advocate "being honestly and doing things down-to-earth"
Corporate value and personal value complement and unify each other, and constantly maximize employee value and corporate value!
Due to business development needs, the company now needs to hire the following employees:
20 sponge machine installation masters
Release date: 2014-06-1    Recruitment target: Social incumbents
Work style: full-time        Work location: Dongguan
Number of recruits: 20        Monthly salary: Negotiable
Minimum working years: Unlimited     Age requirement: 18 years old first
Educational requirements: unlimited        Industry requirements: machinery industry
Specific requirements:
1. Familiar with welding process;
2. Able to install and debug according to drawings, experience in sponge machinery manufacturing is preferred;
General workers
1. Hold your ID card or (temporary ID card);
2. Age: 16-45 years old;
3. Gender: no limit to men and women;
4. Good health, no infectious diseases

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