Talent Recruitment

The recruitment principle is that the company's recruiters adhere to the principles of "openness, equality, competition, and merit selection"!

We always implement the people-oriented value concept and advocate "Being honest and doing things in a down-to-earth manner"

Corporate value and personal value complement each other and are unified with each other to continuously maximize employee value and corporate value!



Due to business development needs, our company is now seeking to recruit the following employees:


20 sponge machinery installation masters

Release date: 2014-06-1 Recruitment targets: Social workers

Work style: Full-time Work location: Dongguan

Number of recruits: 20 Monthly salary: Negotiable

Minimum working years: no limit Age requirement: 18 years old and above

Educational requirements: No limit to industry requirements: Machinery industry


Specific requirements:

1. Familiar with welding technology;

2. Able to install and debug according to the drawings. Applicants with experience in sponge machinery manufacturing will be given priority;




 Many general workers

1. Hold your own ID card or (temporary ID card);

2. Age: 16-45 years old;

3. Gender: No limit to male or female;

4. Good health and no infectious diseases