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Manual Horizontal Foaming Machine


Sponge Manual Foaming Machine

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Foam Machinery Series

Product Description

Main uses of the ULBF-11/15A manual horizontal foaming machine
: This machine adopts an electronic frequency converter, which accelerates the mixing quickly, and is equipped with an electronic deceleration brake. It mixes evenly and is easy to operate. It is an equipment for producing sponges in small batches.

model ULBF-11A ULBF-15A
total power 11KW 15KW
Maximum foaming volume 150Kg 180Kg
Maximum stirring speed 0~2800r/min 0~2800r/min
Machine weight 700Kg 800Kg
Foam barrel configuration (Ø450mm, Ø500, Ø550mm) Foaming-bucket 2PCS
Machine appearance (length × width × height) L1250×W650×H1100mm

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