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ULCD-2380A Block Foam Cutting Machine


Recycled Sponge Machinery Series

Continuous Foam Production Line

Key words:

Foam Machinery Series

Product Description

ULCD-2380A sponge cutting machine
This machine is installed on the sponge foaming conveyor line. It is mainly used to cut sponges to a certain length during the continuous foaming process for transportation, storage and processing. This machine is digitally controlled. The knife belt is thin and sharp. It moves from bottom to top and cuts the horizontally moving sponge. The machine is easy to operate and cuts accurately.


The main technical parameters:

model ULCD-2380A
Cutting width 2400mm
Cutting height 1300mm
Tool holder lifting speed 21 min
Knife belt circumference L10940mm
Conveyor belt conveying speed 0~8mmin
total power 8.69KW
Machine weight 2000Kg
Machine dimensions L6000mm × W4550mm × H4000mm


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