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Powerful Rubber Molding Machine

This machine is a press cutting machine, mainly elastic rubber, rubber coil, sponge and other products into waves. Suitable for rubber floor MATS, electronics, precision instruments, car cushions, mattresses, health products and valuables packaging purposes.


Rubber Cutting Machinery Series

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Rubber Cutting Machinery Series

Product Description

This machine is a compression cutting machine that mainly cuts elastic rubber, rubber rolls, sponges and other products into wavy shapes. Suitable for packaging rubber floor mats, electronics, precision instruments, car seat cushions, mattresses, health care products and valuable items.



model ULYX-O-1650R
Maximum cutting thickness 50MM
Pressure roller diameter ¢260MM
Maximum press width W1650MM
Maximum deformation depth 30MM
cutting speed 0~25M/min
Profiled wheel shaft speed (working status) 0~25R/min
Knife belt size


total power 21.1KW
Machine weight 3000KW
Machine dimensions L4200×W1250×H1550MM


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