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Recycled Circular Cutting Machine


Regenerative Foam Cutting Machine

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Product Description

      This machine is mainly used for cutting infinitely long slices of various types of recycled round sponges. It is mainly used for cutting and producing products such as recycled sponge carpets and high-density breathable shoe materials. Optional computer digital control can be used to set the cutting thickness, eliminating the tedious work of changing gears to change the cutting thickness, making the operation faster and more precise.


model ULYQ-1900B
Maximum cutting size ∅2000×1900mm
Cutting thickness range 2~25mm
Maximum cutting density 150kg/m³
spinning speed 25~30m/min
total power 9.44kw
Blade length L9600×W60×T0.65mm
Machine weight 2000kg
Machine dimensions L4730×W1800×H2200mm


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