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Sponge Flat Cutter


Sponge Horizontal Cutting Machinery Class

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Product Description

 This machine is mainly used for horizontal reciprocating slicing of a single square foam sponge, and is mainly used for cutting thick sponges such as mattresses. This machine is fully automatic digitally controlled, with precise cutting and easy operation. This machine can optionally be equipped with a powerful air suction device to fix the sponge more firmly and achieve better cutting results.

model ULPQ-1650 ULPQ-2150
Cuttable cotton size W1650×L2000mm W2150×L3000mm
Cutting height H1200mm H1200mm
cutting speed 0~25m/min 0~25m/min
Thickness of cut cotton 2.5~200mm 2.5~200mm
Maximum cutting density 60kg/m³ 60kg/m³
Blade length L8720mm L9720mm
total power 9.02kw 9.02kw
Machine weight 2000kg 2200kg
Machine dimensions L5800×W3500×H2400mm L7800×W4200×H2400


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