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Sponge Mesh with Suction Flat Cutting Machine


Sponge Horizontal Cutting Machinery Class

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Product Description

The working platform of this machine adopts roller mesh belt transmission and is equipped with a powerful suction vacuum device. It is easy to load materials and is especially suitable for horizontal reciprocating slicing of soft sponges.

model ULPQ-WDXF-1650 ULPQ-WDXF-2150
Cuttable sponge size W1650×L2000×H1200mm W2150×L3000×H1200mm
cutting speed 0~25m/min 0~25m/min
slice thickness 2.5~150mm 2.5~150mm
Blade length L8850mm L9850mm
total power 18kw 18kw
Machine weight 3300kg 3500kg
Machine dimensions L5000×W4000×H2500mm L7000×W4500×H2500mm


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