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Wet Curtain Paper Cutter


Sponge Straight Cut Mechanical Class

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Product Description

    This machine is mainly used for vertical cutting of wet pad paper and cutting of wet pad paper forming.



model ULLQ-4LW (medium size) ULLQ-4LW (large)
Inner workbench size W1320×L2290mm W1720×L2290mm
External workbench dimensions W1200×L2290mm W2000×L2292mm
Cutting thickness 3~mm 3~mm
cutting height H800/1200mm H800/L1200mm
Blade length L7320/L8100mm L8100/L8900mm
total power 2.41kw 2.41kw
Machine weight 1300kg 1500kg
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) L4500×W4000×H2550mm L4500×W4800×H2550


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