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Sponge Semi-Automatic Straight Cutting Machine


Sponge Straight Cut Mechanical Class

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Product Description

This machine uses a brake motor to drive the cotton cutting baffle, and uses digital control to cut the cotton thickness. The cutting is more accurate and efficient, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity. At the same time, it uses electric control to automatically lift the clamping bar to provide more comprehensive labor. Protect.


model ULLQ-4LA (medium size) ULLQ-4LA (large)
Inner workbench size W1320×L2440mm W1720×L2440mm
External workbench dimensions W1200×L2440mm W2000×L2440mm
Cutting thickness



cutting height H800/1200mm H800/1200mm
Blade length L7320/8100mm L8100/8900mm
total power 1.92kw 1.92kw
Machine weight 1300kg 1500kg
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) L4500×W4000×H2550mm L4500×W4800×H2550mm


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