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Cnc Shaped Sponge Cutter (Single/Double Cutter)


Sponge Shaped Cutting Machinery

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Product Description

This machine adopts advanced servo motor and control system, high-speed narrow serrated vibrating knife to control cutting, fast typesetting speed, no dust, accurate cutting, high production efficiency and beautiful appearance. It is currently the most ideal equipment for sponge special-shaped processing.


model ULCNC-2150B
Maximum processing width 2150mm
Maximum processing height 1200mm
Maximum processing length 3000mm
Knife walking speed 0.5~5m/min
Vibrating knife linear speed 4.8m/s
Precision ∅60±0.5mm
Broken knife protection Has been set
Vibrating knife length

Flat knife: L2500mm

Vertical knife: L1500mm

Voltage requirements


total power 9kw
gross weight 3000kg
Machine dimensions L7280×W3220×H2550mm


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