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Wire Cutter Cnc Profiled Cutting Knife


Sponge Shaped Cutting Machinery

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Product Description

This machine is a two-dimensional computer-controlled special-shaped cutting machine. This machine adopts high-speed wire cutting and is mainly used for special-shaped cutting of thermal insulation panels and air conditioning ventilation ducts.


model ULCNC-1650A
weight 2500kg
Dimensions L4800×W2580×H2540mm
Maximum processing size W1600×L2000×H1200mm
Line knife parameters ∅1.2×L7160mm
Workbench displacement speed 1.5m/min
Tool holder lifting speed 1.5m/min
Broken knife protection Has been set
CNC type PC computer/industrial computer
monitor 15〞
operating system Windows2000
programmable axis X、Y
programming language C++
Input format G code(*.ISO)
Precision ±0.5mm


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