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Sponge Compression Cutting Machine


Sponge Shaped Cutting Machinery

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Product Description

This machine is a compression cutting machine, which mainly cuts sponge into wavy sponge. Suitable for packaging of electronics, precision instruments, car seat cushions, health care products and valuable items.


model ULYX-1650 ULYX-2150 ULYX-O-2250
Maximum cutting sponge thickness 120mm 120mm 120mm
Pressure roller diameter ∅195mm ∅195mm ∅260mm
Maximum press width W1650mm W2150mm W2250mm
Maximum deformation depth 30mm 30mm 30mm
Profile wheel speed 0~25r/min 0~25r/min 0~25r/min
total power 8.92kw 8.92kw 17.1kw
cutting speed 0~25m/min 0~25m/min 0~25m/min
Blade length L9260mm L10260mm L10400mm
Machine weight 2000kg 2500kg 3000kg
Machine dimensions (length × width × height) L4200×W1250×H1550mm L4700×W1250×H1550mm L4700×W1250×H1550mm


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