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Recycled Sponge Production Line (With Steam)


Recycled Sponge Production Line

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Product Description

     This machine is mainly used to mix the crushed sponge and glue, then pass it through the foaming mold and press it into recycled foam with corresponding required density through the hydraulic system. This machine has a complete set of production lines for stirring, mixing and pressurizing, and the production efficiency is extremely high. The newly developed fully automatic mold with steam device can increase production efficiency by 5 times.

model ULJB-10B
Mixing box volume 10m³
Stirring speed

40 r/min

Maximum working pressure of oil cylinder 12000kg
total power 14.5kw
Machine weight  4300kg
Machine dimensions L6000×W3850×H5300mm
Foam mold L2050×W1550×H1800mm(1pcs)


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