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Powerful Sponge Rail Cutting Machine


Sponge Horizontal Cutting Machinery Class

Key words:

Sponge Cutting Machinery Series

Product Description

     This machine is a special cutting machine developed specifically for high-density special sponges. This machine adopts an advanced electronic control system and a high-precision cutting structure. It is specially used to cut ultra-high-density shoe sponges and slow rebound memory foam. It is a necessary equipment for manufacturers of high-end sports shoe materials and sponges. This machine can also be equipped with an optional mesh belt conveyor platform, which is more suitable for conveying and cutting slow rebound memory foam.


ULLG-O-1650 ULLG-O-2150 ULLG-O-2350
Cuttable sponge width W1650mm W2150mm W2350mm
cutting height 1250mm
cutting speed 0~90m/min
Thickness of cut cotton 2~30mm
Maximum cutting density 210kg/m³
Blade length 7400×50×0.56mm 8400×50×0.56mm 8800×50×0.56mm

total power

Host weight 2000kg 2200kg 2300kg
Machine dimensions L3550×W2640×H2350mm L4050×W2640×H2400mm L4250×W2640×H2400mm


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