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Automatic Continuous Foam Foaming Machine


Continuous Foam Production Line

Key words:

Foam Machinery Series

Continuous Foam Production Line

Product Description

      This equipment is mainly used for large-scale continuous production of sponges. The foaming density of this machine is 5~150KG/m³. This machine adopts advanced touch screen and PLC operating system. It has high degree of automation, low production cost, and excellent and stable foam quality. It is The most ideal production equipment for large sponge factories.

The main technical parameters:

Oven length 20m Conveyor belt length 20m
foaming height <1.4m Conveyor belt linear speed 2~8m/min
Foaming width 1m~2.5m Side panel width adjustment 1m~2.5m
Foam density 5~150kg/m³ Mixing head power 45kw
total power 150kw total throughput 350kg/min
Machine dimensions (length × width × height): L40000 × W5000 × H3000


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