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Sponge Disc Cutting Machine


Wet Curtain Paper Cutting Machine Series

Sponge Horizontal Cutting Machinery Class

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Sponge Cutting Machinery Series

Product Description

ULYP-6000728010500 Sponge disc flat cutting machine

This machine is mainly used for horizontal and continuous slicing of multiple square sponges. This machine adopts fully automatic digital control, with precise cutting, simple operation and extremely high production efficiency. This machine can optionally be equipped with a powerful air suction device to fix the sponge more firmly and achieve better cutting results. Humanized design to improve safety, optional two-piece knife box is available for better soft foam cutting effect.

model ULYP-6000 BIG-7280 ULYP-10500
Cuttable sponge ruler W1.5×L2×H1.2m(4pcs) W1.5×L2×H1.2m(6pcs) W1.5×L2×H1.2m(8pcs)
Maximum sponge size that can be cut W1.5×L2×H1.2m(4pcs) W2.15×L3×H1.2m(3pcs) W2.15×L4.5×H1.2m(3pcs)
total power 8.92Kw 8.92Kw 11.92Kw
Working turntable speed 0~3.5r/min 0~3.0r/min 0~2.0r/min
Knife belt circumference 8940mm 10000mm 10240mm
Workbench diameter 6000mm 7280mm 10500mm
slice thickness 2~150mm 2~150mm 2~150mm
Machine weight 3300Kg 3500Kg 4500Kg
Machine dimensions L6.9m×W6m×H2.4m L7.9m×W7m×H2.4m L11.5m×W11m×H2.4m


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