Negative sentiment spreads TDI market is in a dilemma

Global, July 15th. The domestic TDI market is currently sluggish. The low season in downstream industries has led to sluggish demand. Suppliers’ quotations have repeatedly declined, but they cannot change the overall transaction mentality of the market. The negative sentiment spreads throughout the TDI market.
The current situation of oversupply of TDI market resources has gradually formed. Since 2010, domestic TDI devices have expanded rapidly, and their profitability has been tested. Bayer’s 250,000 tons and Cangzhou Dahua’s 100,000 tons of new TDI devices have started construction one after another, which will test the TDI market’s digestibility and the market will enter a period of competition.
At present, the inventory of domestic manufacturers has reached a high level, the inventory in the hands of traders is overstocked, and the entire trading market is in a stalemate. Since June, many traders have repeatedly shipped low-priced products in order to clear their inventory and reduce their inventory, but the effect is still not satisfactory.
The continuous maintenance of Cangzhou Dahua, Yantai Juli and other manufacturers has not played a major role in regulating the downturn of the entire market, and the outlook for TDI is not optimistic.

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