U-LONG 10th anniversary celebration

September 22th, 2018 is the 10th anniversary of Dongguan U-long Machinery Co.,Ltd. Time flies, ten years is just a moment in history, but it is so magnificent.

Ten years, left us a precious fortune;

Ten years ,left us with heavy responsibilities.

Ten years, witnessed yesterday's wind and rain;

Ten years, watching the brilliant tomorrow!

Wish U-long have a bright future,like the sun at high noon!


                 General manager Mr.Li speak at the celebration. Thanks all colleagues for their support and help over the past decade and announced the start of the celebration.







                    Thanks for protecting U-longs staff who have been voluntary working hard in the front line since the arrival of "mangosteen" .




                       Thanks the outstanding staff who accompanied U-Long for five, eight and ten years.They were honored with gold and silver medals.




                       U-longs today depends on your leadership and decision making.





                       Of course, thank you for the red envelope rain from the beginning to the end of the celebrations, we really did not forget to eat!               














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