The 14th anniversary celebration

September 9th, 2022 is the 14th anniversary of Dongguan U-long Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Time flies, fourteen years is just a moment in history, but it is so magnificent.

             Fourteen years, left us a precious fortune;

             Fourteen years, left us with heavy responsibilities.

             Fourteen years, witnessed yesterday's wind and rain;

             Fourteen years, watching the brilliant tomorrow!

 Wish U-long have a bright future,like the sun at high noon!  

 General manager Mr.Li speaked at the celebration. Thanks all colleagues for their support and help over the past decade and announced the start of the celebration.

And president of Wanjiang Intelligent Association and other people were invited to attend the celebration of our company, and make a good speech!

It is also the eve of our Mid-Autumn Festival!

So happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

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